24-hour Company Registration in Dubai

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Dubai 24-hour - OLIESERVE

Modern approach of enterprises registration

The process of registering a company is mostly associated with negative experience. Paper chase, red tape and wandering around administration seem to be vestiges of the past, but, unfortunately, they still take place in the modern world. If you expect to meet some issues with establishing your own company in your native country where you know each detail, you might ask a very natural question: is it possible to set up a company abroad and steady your nerves?

It is absolutely possible! Nowadays the most powerful countries understand that success depends on quality, dynamics and development.

The United Arab Emirates are a fine example of this principle.

The specialists of OLIESERVE are excited about the novelties which are being presented by this country and we are happy to share them with you.

‘Smart Hall’ is a new solution of setting up a business in Dubai

Do you want to register a company or update the license of the existing enterprise in Dubai? The Department of Economic Development in Dubai opens a ‘Smart Hall’ which will work 24 hours to meet these needs.

The innovative ‘Smart Hall’ will be located on the ground floor in the building of the DED. The clients will be able to use interactive terminals in order to update a license or register a company themselves without any needless papers. In case a client meets any challenges using terminals, there will be distant consultants ready to help by phone.

Also, there will be cash machines and cafes as a matter of convenience for businessmen.

The specialists of OLIESERVE are sure that the ‘Smart Hall’ will become extremely popular and give a boost to service. Moreover, we are definitely sure that business relocation and registration of a company in Dubai is a modern approach to successful business management.

Contact us and we will present you all the information you are interested in about Dubai, the most promising emirate of the UAE.

OLIESERVE offers an exceptional level of modern service and creative solution for routine tasks!