An overview of a Permanent Residency Permit in Cyprus

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An overview of a Permanent Residency Permit – Category F.

Category F is one of the residency permit types in Cyprus. It gives the right to its holder to live in Cyprus on a permanent basis but does not allow them to work. This permit is applicable only to third country nationals (non-EU).


Category F is the most popular residence permit in Cyprus and it gives many benefits to its holder. If you are willing to come to Cyprus often and you do not want to be bothered with a tourist visa and count days how long you can actually stay on the island or if you wish to relocate with children and send them to school or just move here as a retirement option later – this type of visa is a right choice for YOU.

We know that there are many service providers out there who offer their help and assistance regarding Immigration issues. But have you asked yourself, or asked them, what are they actually going to do for you? Or maybe have you already tried various service providers in Cyprus or abroad?


Why we are different

  • We speak from Personal experience. Many of our staff has been through the process themselves.
  • We know the facts. We treat each case individually and tell you exactly what you need, not what somebody else may or may not have done.
  • We know the process and guide you through it. Step by step we will guide you through the entire process keeping you constantly updated.
  • We have competitive prices. We are not here to rip you off we are here to help you succeed.
  • We assist in fulfilling the requirements. Because it may not always be a straight road we can assist with any detours.
  • You can pay in installments. As we complete set steps you make payments after completion of each one of them.
  • You do not go to any governmental body. We do it all. Taking the stress out of the process is what you pay us to do.

We would like to share some tips with you about the process that the OLIESERVE team follows. It is how we work with each of our clients. You should remember there is no identical case, each case and situation is unique and different from another.


Step 1. You will receive a full consultancy including assessment for a Category F.

Step 2. We give you an upfront quotation.

Step 3. We sign a Service agreement with you and invoice you with a first installment.

Step 4. We check all your documents and tell you if something needs to be added and or changed.

Step 5. We give you a complete breakdown of cost including any additional expenses in order to avoid surprises.

Step 6. We personally review documents with Immigration Personnel.

Step 7. They give us feedback on documents including a probability of success based on documents provided, which we will then relay to you.

Step 8. We advise on any changes needed.

Step 9. We prepare the complete full case and again personally submit to responsible personnel within the department.

Step 10. We confirm a submission of documents and issue a second installment invoice.

Step 11. We regularly follow up with the process and provide a quarterly report on the state of the case.
Additional reports can be given on a request.

Step 12. We issue a final invoice which needs to be paid on receipt of Category F.

Step 13. We collect on your behalf your permit from the governmental body and deliver promptly to you.

In short we do everything we can to help and guide you through the entire process, keeping you constantly updated. Our aim is not only the success of the case but to minimize the stress factor to you.

Our aim is a successful case; our mission is your satisfaction.

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