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OLIESERVE is a modern, rapidly developing company, whose main goal is to provide to our customers the best consulting services in the areas of tax planning, business administration, immigration and legal support.

We are confident that the successful achievement of these objectives is only possible through close cooperation with the professionals.

That is why the OLIESERVE team is always open to productive partnership, which will be based on honesty, decency and trust.

We created and now offer you, our partner, two variants of cooperation that take into account your interests and give the ultimate goal – providing quality and guaranteed services to our customers.


Partnership options:

  1. Business partnership

In this option, OLIESERVE cooperate with you directly, and the client remains yours.

We sign agreement directly between OLIESERVE and your company and provide all the necessary services, working directly with you.

  1. Referral program

If you have a potential customer who is interested in services that OLIESERVE can offer, you only need to contact our company and provide a potential client contact details.

OLIESERVE team will contact the customer and offer him to use the services of our company.

As soon as we give the client all the necessary assistance and receive the payment, you will receive introducer commission.

If you want to become our partner or you have any questions, please contact OLIESERVE team to provide you the full information.

   Productive and mutually beneficial cooperation is building on respect and trust for each other, Anders Fogh Rasmussen