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Business move to Dubai

OLIESERVE company has many years of successful experience in providing consulting services and offering to entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to take advantage of business move to the rapidly developing Emirate – Dubai.

Why Dubai?

Choosing Dubai, you choose not only sunny climate, clean azure waters, the highest skyscrapers in the world and the incredible artificial islands; you choose exclusive quality, best opportunities and continuous progress.

Dubai – a city in which there is no poverty: fast economic growth, the stability of the political system, high standards of living – make Dubai one of the safest places on the planet.

Advantages of moving your business to Dubai

The main advantage of moving business to Dubai can be undoubtedly called the realization of the tasks of international business managing. Dubai for many years keeps the position of the business center for holding international conferences, events and conduct business negotiations with partners and customers. By shifting your office in Dubai, you will get absolute advantage over your competitors by having direct access to international activities, foreign investors and business partners.

Moreover, the transfer of the head office in Dubai, will help to solve the question of deoffshorisation. Nowadays, the governments of many countries in the world are taking measures to prevent the evasion from the business tax burden. An example of this is the new law about deoffshorisation in the Russian Federation, which became effective on the 1st of January 2015, allowing levying the Russian taxes on profits of foreign companies (including offshores), with the leading Russian beneficiaries and the actual activity on the territory of the Russian Federation. Business relocation and real presence in Dubai will allow legally solve this problem without breaking the economic laws of the international community.

In addition, there are some advantages that your business will benefit from.

These include:

  1. No taxes;
  2. The state policy aimed to business development;
  3. Cheap energy;
  4. Fast procedure for registration of a company;
  5. Highly developed economy;
  6. Political stability;
  7. Well-developed infrastructure;
  8. The advantageous geographical location
  9. Safety and comfort for living and working.

Today, many global companies prefer to administrate their business in Dubai. If you take, for example, “Lukoil Overseas”, the benefits of the move are obvious – low taxation for oil companies, cheap labor and the ability to establish efficiently contacts with other international companies.


First and foremost, for organizing a successful business transfer you will need to determine the type of a company you want to register in Dubai and here the OLIESERVE experts come to help you.

OLIESERVE offers you three types of companies registration – a local company, onshore company in free economic zones and the offshore company in free economic zones. You can get more details about business entities of the UAE.

After determining the type of a legal entity OLIESERVE will undertake all the necessary procedures for the company registration in Dubai:

  • Statement on the registration account of the company;
  • Opening a bank account for the company and its employees
  • Office registration
  • Work permits for the employees
  • Other procedures required for the customer.

Also, in order to make your business transfer simple and not burdensome, OLIESERVE will arrange for you all necessary installments:

  • Search for office space with a lease purchase contract;
  • Search for apartments for employees with a lease/purchase contract;
  • Recruitment of competent staff;
  • Purchase of furniture and equipment;
  • Installation of telecommunications, etc.

The OLIESERVE experts, during the business transfer, offer only the best services and options. We develop individual programs for each client, taking into account all their needs and wishes. Please contact us for additional information that interests you on the issue of business relocation to Dubai.

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