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How to choose a corporate service provider, why choose OLIESERVE?

What is a corporate service provider?

Before we start to look into how to choose a corporate service provider, we should really understand exactly what a corporate service provider is. The basics of a corporate service provider are to provide business support services to other businesses; this is done through specialized knowledge and experience, best practices, and technology to serve internal and sometimes external customers and business partners.

Types of corporate service providers

Generally we can categories corporate service providers into 1 of 5 types, they are as follows:

  • Registered Agent – is a business or individual designated to receive service of process (SOP) when a business entity is a party in a legal action such as a lawsuit or summons.
  • Investment and Stock Exchange – is a corporate service designed to help clients make financial decisions.
  • Finance and Banking – consultancy to manage finances appropriately, and sometimes set up a corporate bank account
  • Accounting and Tax Services – This service involves keeping financial records, preparing and submitting obligatory documents required by authorities.
  • Company Incorporation – International corporate service providers specialise in Company incorporation which is the process of forming a company in the country of choice.


How to choose a corporate service?

This is aimed at somebody who is looking to start a business or form a company. Nowadays with the internet as the main research tool, all you have to do is look and you will find a huge abundance of corporate service providers offering their services. So how do you choose?

Well my first advice is not to judge a book by its cover. What I mean by this is just because they have a fancy big website does not mean that they are a big fancy company; it just means they have used a good web designer. However on the flip side of that, if their website is terrible to navigate maybe they are not thinking from their potential clients prospective, if they’re not doing it now will they do it later, it could also indicate that they are trying to save money by cutting corners, which is never a good sign.

CONTACT THEM, start by sending an email and just see how long it takes to receive a reply. Any corporate service provider worthy of your business should respond to you with a personal message (auto reply doesn’t count) within 24 hours. If you do receive a reply look at the email, does it look professional? Is it easy and clear to understand, there is nothing worse than someone trying to show how much they know by using technical jargon that only people in the industry understand, they should be trying to make your life easier not more confusing. Does it have a signature; this is normally at the end of the email with the person’s name and contact details, maybe with a company logo. Did they answer your questions? Sometimes they may ask questions back which is ok and in most cases necessary, but they should have answered your initial quires.

Next CALL THEM, do they answer? Are they polite and professional? Do they listen to what you want? Ask them for a price for one of their services, if they are open and honest they will give you a price, if they don’t know what they are doing or have something to hide they will come up with excuses. Don’t fall for the “every case is different “speech, whilst this is true and formal quotations should be given before any work commences they should be able to provide you with a least a rough idea of their charges and maybe even a standard fee schedule. Also ask what is included in their standard incorporation package and if there are any additional charges.

business_finance_money_euroIf at all possible VISIT THEIR OFFICE, this way you can really get a good idea how they work, and meet the people you will be trusting to complete this important step in your life. Go with your instinct, everything maybe great but you don’t feel good about it, step back and look for another corporate service provider you can always come back to these guys.

Try to AVOID LOOKING AT PRICES; at least immediately as this can illogically sway your decision. My advice is look at the products, look at the service and then decide if they are good or not, later look at the prices.

Other services, find out if they do anything else. It can be very time and money saving if a wide spectrum of services can be done under one roof.

RESEARCH, make searches with the name of the company, for sure if they have upset someone you will find bad comments on the internet, that being said in life it is impossible to please everybody, so make rational judgments, looking at how many bad cases and how serious they are.

Why choose OLIESERVE?

Choosing  the service provider in the areas such as business administration, tax planning, immigration and investment wisely is just as important as choosing your physician. You will not go for a cheap heart surgeon, just because his services are inexpensive. You would rather choose one who you can trust and who takes your case as his own, someone who is well respected in his area of specialization.

Think of your business, your money and your time as of your heart; do not leave it in the hands of an unprofessional!

We at OLIESERVE are trained to administer each and every case as if it was our own, and there is no one better who will take care of your interests than yourself.

Each client is different for us and we approach each case individually. We prepare and provide you with reports every time and give you all the information you might need to make a decision. We answer all your questions and help to clear all the doubts you may have or propose new options that you did not consider before.

All our clients can testify that once you put your trust in our hands, you will not regret your choice. Customer satisfaction is what we all work for.