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Corporate Social Responsibility

We, OLIESERVE Company, realize that the role of business in the modern society development cannot be overestimated. One cannot succeed in business, being isolated from the world around.

That`s why we, OLIESERVE, fully support Corporate Social Responsibility Concept and consider this idea from the point of carrying out social commitments by the companies according to the requirement of the law.

Meanwhile, guided by our personal moral and ethical reasons, we cover additional expenses on various social needs apart from the requirements, set by labor, tax, ecological or any other legislation, on our own record.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility of business for OLIESERVE is a complex notion consisting of:

  1. Support of young specialists: providing students and young specialists with jobs and internships as well as carrying out different workshops.

Examples: Go to Jobs section, to look at the list of available OLIESERVE internships.

  1. Taking care of animals: we really believe that our small friends deserve better life with shelter and food. Considering the problem of cruelty with animals on Cyprus, OLIESERVE tries to contribute in solving this problem.

Examples: OLIESERVE collaborates with the dogs’ shelter – «Dogs rescue value». On the annual marathon «Limassol Marathon» in 2015, we were raising money for dog`s shelter.


  1. Support of charitable purposes: we cannot be detached to problems of people, animals and environmental problems, that`s why we take part in various charity events, aiming at drawing attention of society to a certain problem as well as raise money for those who need help.

Examples: in October 2015 OLIESERVE took part in “Run in Color” marathon that was created to raise money for children with cancer.


  1. Environmental protection: our company is eco-friendly, thus we try to care about nature, use paper in a saving manner, trying to reduce its using and send information to our clients by emails.

Examples: we are recycling paper and plastic, using paper at work in saving manner; making reports about Carbon Footprint. Reports with results on a Carbon Footprint will be posted every year.

Compliance with strategy of corporate social responsibility and ideas of sustainable development policy ensure combination of economical, social and ecological factors, which form a base for OLIESERVE and allow our company to grow in a harmony with the world.

Thousands of candles can be lit from the single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened, Buddha

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