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Our Mission and Values

The founders of OLIESERVE are business orientated individuals, just as our customers. In their time, they have gone through all the difficulties in working with various service providers all over the world in the areas of business administration, tax planning, immigration and legal. As a result, they have decided to set up a service company, taking their own experience “from the other side” and using it to be able to satisfy even the most sophisticated business needs.

Therefore, OLIESERVE’s mission is to become the trustee of your interests. We are ready to take the pressure off your shoulders and serve your needs in the best possible way.

Our core values are as simple as:

  • Honesty – we will never try to mislead our clients in order to sell the product. We will cover all the risks as well as the benefits. The client is the only one who can choose to take those risks.
  • Decency – we value our reputation and that is the reason why you can always rely on our team, which consists of honest and decent professionals.
  • Trust – we guarantee the full protection of any information received from our existing or potential clients. You can also trust us on keeping you informed on any developments in the laws and regulations that might affect your interests.

We promise to stick to our core values and guarantee the quality of our services.

Corporate Social Responsibility