CYSEC License for Investment Firms

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Cypriot Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) serves as the State Regulator in Cyprus. CYSEC grants Licenses, verifies securities of companies on Stock Exchange, as well as imposes administrative sanctions on brokerage companies, investment firms with consultative characteristics and other organizations.

table-cysec-licenceThe CYSEC organization was established in 2001 and is rapidly growing ever since. According to official figures, 27 companies received licenses in 2013, whereas in 2014, the number of such companies reached 42 (check the official source here).

OLIESERVE provides professional assistance in registration and maintenance of Cypriot Investment Firms (CIF)

You need a CYSEC License if you offer:

  1. Investment Services (Reception and transmission of orders and their execution on behalf of clients, portfolio management, etc)
  2. Financial Instruments (Working with Securities, Money Market Instruments, Derivative Instruments and contracts, Financial Contracts for Differences)
  3. Additional Services (Provision of loans, financial analysis, Stock Exchange services, etc.)

As Cyprus is a member of the European Union, the CYSEC License for investment firms is simultaneously recognized by all Member States. Therefore, one of the main reasons for choosing CYSEC is the system for monitoring the business.

Compared to other European Countries, it is much easier to obtain this particular license in Cyprus. CIF registration takes approximatly an avarage of 4 months. CYSEC registration fees range between EUR 4.000 to EUR 10.000 (link to official source), depending on the type of services. OLIESERVE’s fee for preparing an application for CIF license with all the supporting documents, submitting it and further follow up, ranges between EUR 20.000 to EUR 35.000.

CYSEC’s Responsibilities:

  • To monitor operations of licensed investment firms;
  • cysecTo supervise the functioning of brokerage firms, brokers and dealing centers;
  • Issuance of operating licenses to investment firms;
  • Monitoring of operations of Cyprus Stock Exchange, including operations conducted within;
  • Supervision of activities of emitters of securities, investment advisors, portfolio managers, monitoring of investment projects;
  • Collection and querying of information that is necessary for performance of CYSEC’s functions, as well as the requirement of provision of necessary information by persons and entities, if any of the latest can provide it;
  • Revocation of Licenses or use of other disciplinary or administrative sanctions in an event of violations of the laws or failure to fulfill obligations by brokers, brokerage firms, investment advisors and any person subject to the provisions of the law of the Stock Market;
  • Inspection of companies whose securities are listed on the Stock Exchange, Fund Management joint ventures.

  !Licence is the seal of transparency of your firm and guarantee for your clients.

More Information about obtaining a CySec License here