Dubai continues to improve

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How Dubai became great

Over the last 25 years Dubai and the UAE have gone from strength to strength. They are leading the way in a variety of fields such as tourism, construction and without doubt Business. The tourism is as good as any Caribbean island; Dubai offers beautiful beaches, gorgeous waters and many attractions – something for everyone. The construction industry never ceases to surprise, Dubai boosts the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, the world’s only seven star hotel the Burj Al Arab, and an amazing over ground metro that has over 75 km of track and more than 50 stations were built in only 18 months. With its high speed internet and 30 plus business zones set up with specific industries in mind it is no wonder Dubai is one of the business capitals of the world.

Dubai’s hidden gems

the_seven_stars_hotel_dubaiOther sectors that are doing great that you may not immediately think about when thinking about Dubai are: the banking sector, modern stable banks that were not affected by the ripples of the global recession are now flourishing, the real estate market seems to be on a continues upward trend unlike most of the western world that has seen a very wobbly last few years.  The latest industry to start blooming in the UAE is that of medical tourism, people are flocking from around the world to the UAE to take advantage of its relatively low cost and high standard hospitals. Education, the UAE has taken the best of western education and put its usual modernization touch onto it.

Dubai continues to improve

With all this in mind the UAE and particular Dubai appear to be the oasis in the desert, a perfect place to do business, live and raise children. If all this was not enough in a recent survey asking the question do you feel safe and protected? The resounding answer was yes, 96% of the people questioned do feel safe and protected.The study covered 3,796 families composed of 1,328 Emirati households, 1,504 non-Emirati households, 464 collective families and 500 individuals from labour accommodations. This as everything else in Dubai shows an increase from previous years.

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