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Dubai free trade zones reached AED 515 billion

In December, 2015 the Board of Dubai Free Trade Zones, the main organization responsible for coordination and administration of the free trade zones, held the first meeting. It was devoted to the targets of the Board and the Committee of strategic investigation, determination of financial and human resources and organization structure was created.

Currently, there are 22 free trade zones in Dubai which were tailored to definite branches including information and communication technologies, mass media, financial areas, jewelry, healthcare, etc.

Each of them ensures successful business operations on attractive conditions considering specific aspects of the companies. This intensive development of free trade zones resulted in a situation where approximately 50% of direct international investments were transferred to free trade zones only in Dubai that composed 20 000 companies and reached AED 515 billion at the end of the year 2015.

Dubai is considered to be a leading model of free trade zones organization and the main privilege of this emirate is an opportunity for a foreigner to possess 100% of a company without any taxation. This condition makes the emirate an absolutely unique business platform.

JAFZA – 30 years of success!

The largest and the oldest free trade zone Jebel Ali (JAFZA) founded in 1985 is currently filled at 80% and it registered 650 new companies only last year. Such popularity is caused by the fact that Jebel Ali has been supporting the free trade area for 30 years exempting from export and import taxes. All these factors are stimulating businessmen to create enterprises and develop commercial relations exactly in JAFZA.

The specialists of OLIESERVE recommend you to catch a brilliant opportunity to relocate to Dubai and incorporate your company in this emirate. Considering all the features of modern economy development and tightening of taxation system introduced by many countries, such as investment will become the best step for successful management of your business.

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