Dubai is qualified as the best region for business expansion

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Dubai is the best region for business expansion - OLIESERVE

The Alliance Business Centres Network has conducted the survey which was aimed to determine the best world directions for successful business expansion.

The inference of the survey was deduced on the basis of questioning 300 companies in North America, Asia and Europe. The conditions of business establishment and management were the main criteria for selection.

Dubai has become the leader. 21% of respondent companies opted for Dubai having acknowledged it as the best center for business expansion at international level.

Singapore comes in a close second, 19% of companies voted for it. Hong Kong is defined to be third as far as 18%r respondents consider it to be the best place for business expansion.

New York is fourth and London is fifth with 13% and 10% accordingly.

19% of votes are divided between other cities in various countries.

It should be noticed that, in general, the African countries have moved to the fore among target expansion markets. The Asian counties have followed them in path in this survey.

Only 4% of companies have been interested in South America treating this region as a platform for business expansion opportunities.

Definition of Dubai as the leader of this survey is obvious as far as there have been created the most outstanding opportunities for development of modern successful business.

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