Is it possible to get CySEC license faster?

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Лицензия CYSEC упрощение процедуры

CySEC license fast track procedure

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that there are measures taken to speed up the procedure of checking applications for permits for investment companies.

This regulator reminds that Cyprus investment companies are able to apply for a new option of the “Fast track” procedure.

One of the services that OLIESERVE provides is to prepare all the required documents and applications to help our clients to receive the CySEC license. Our goal is to describe you new exciting opportunities which allow GETTING LICENSE FASTER.

According to the declared innovation, the procedure concerns those applicants who have already applied for the issue of the permit and it has been pending. Any applicant, who has not received notification from CySEC about acceptance of his application, is eligible to participate in the new program.

While the new program does not cover those companies that have their applications accepted or pending.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission reports that there is no time limits for participation in the new system but procedure will be conducted in accordance to submitted applications.

The companies, that do not plan to participate in this innovative program, will have standard procedure of receiving permits and their applications will be in corresponding orders.

We present new terms of the “Fast track” procedure.

Preaudit of the application, evaluation of the data provided, the first letter sent to the applicant, which requires to give additional information, missing data or correct inconsistent information. 3-5 days (depends on complexity of the case)
The applicant answers to the first letter (as described above) and provides all the documents and information required. 2 weeks (deadline for the applicant)
The second and final evaluation based on the data and documents provided in both applications, in some cases there is the second letter sent to get additional information. 2 weeks
Providing information required by Commission in the second letter. 1 week (deadline for the applicant)
Audit is finished and notification is directed to the Committee commission that accepts or declines the application. 2 weeks
TOTAL 5-8 weeks

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