JAFZA – 30 years of success!

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Modern approach to business

Dubai is the emirate of future. Only Dubai has the most incredible skyscrapers, artificial islands and upscale luxurious hotels. The emirate annually attracts thousands of tourists who are looking for outstanding vacations. But touristic attractions are not the only feature which makes Dubai so popular, because the emirate is also a powerful platform which offers exceptional conditions for doing business.

There are 20 Free Trade Zones in Dubai and each of them has numerous undeniable advantages.

Advantages of  JAFZA

The Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is one of the oldest FTZs in Dubai which was created by the government in 1985. It was rapidly appreciated by many global companies as they promptly established their branches there. Consequently, more than 120 companies listed in Global Fortune 500 have departments in Jebel Ali. This FTZ is still demonstrating active development and huge potential. There are several factors contributing to JAFZA’s success: great location close to both international Dubai airports and the biggest port of the country, diversity of warehouses, offices, business centers and territories dedicated for construction.

Besides brilliant infrastructure, JAFZA has advantages which are available to Free Trade Zones only. You will be able to make profit of the following excellent business conditions in Jebel Ali after your business move to Dubai and registration of your own company:

  1. No income tax;
  2. No import and re-export duties;
  3. No limitations for employment of foreigners;
  4. A foreigner is allowed to own a company completely;
  5. Zero rate of corporate income during 50 years ;
  6. No company taxation;
  7. Permission for mortgage of private objects located on rented territory;
  8. Wide choice of top level offices, etc.

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