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Our highly qualified personnel will be there to assist you and guide you through realizing your goals and incorporating your own personal Cyprus Company.

Having any queries can only be resolved through contacting us. Feel free to do so by e-mailing us at

Cyprus company formation


We offer you full guidance and assistance that is required upon you choosing to incorporate a Cyprus Company. All Companies that are registered within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus, are governed by the Companies Law Act (CAP 113).


Further to the client questionnaire, which you are required to fill in and return to us, you will also be required to send us by e-mail the following information and documents in order to commence the registration process:

3 options of the Name – The preferred name must not be identical and/or similar to a name of another Cyprus Company. Furthermore according to the law, any offensive name shall also be rejected.

Share Capital – The minimum share capital form Public Limited Companies is EUR25.629 share capital, whilst there is no minimum with regards to Private Limited Companies.

Company’s Nature – What will be the main activities of your Cyprus Company.

Owners – Names and details of the Beneficial Owners, which may be the same as the officers and/or shareholders of the Cyprus Company. 

Company’s structure – Who will be the director(s), shareholder(s) and secretary(ies) of your Cyprus Company (note that within a Public Limited Company, there must be at least seven shareholders, two directors, whilst in Private Limited Companies, there is a maximum of fifty and the shareholder may be one entity).

Due Diligence documentation – In accordance with the CYSEC Directive DΙ144-2007-08 OF 2012 part V we, as the service providers, are required to obtain the following documentation on all the persons involved in the company’s structure, incl. UBOs:

Where any of the above is a physical person

  • A scanned copy of your passport showing the photograph, personal details and the signature of the person in question;
  • A document (not older than 3 months) showing the correct and precise residential address of the person in question (note that a P.O.Box is not adequate); and
  • A bank reference (not older than 3 months) issued in favor of the person in question.

Where any of the above is a legal entity

  • A scanned copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (COI); and
  • A scanned copy of the Certificate that indicates where the registered office of the entity is situated.

If any of the aforementioned documents are not in English, they must be translated, certified and apostilled in order to be accepted by the Cyprus Registrar.

Why form a company in Cyprus?

  1. The Republics’ EU membership;
  2. Possessing an EU recognized a modern tax regime;
  3. One of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe (12.5 %);
  4. The island’s IBC provides effective and high quality legal, accounting and banking services;
  5. The best conditions for the establishment of holding companies;
  6. The new scheme of providing an EU citizenship.