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We offer you full assistance in choosing the proper business vehicle to use in Czech Republic. The national Czech legislation that governs business vehicles in Czech Republic is the Act on Business Corporations and Civil Code.

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Czech Republic company formation

The easiest and mostly used way to start a business in Prague or in Czech Republic is through the purchase of a ready-made Czech company, which was created for the sole purpose of being sold.


Further to our client questionnaire and the full compliance of our due diligence procedures, we also require from you to choose whether you will be using a ready-made business vehicle, or simply create a new business vehicle.

Choice (a) – Setting up a new Czech business

Regardless of the choice of business vehicle, you may choose from Limited Liability company, Joint Stock company, Limited partnership, General commercial Partnership and Branch office described here. It can officially be held to be in existence from the day it is registered within the Commercial Register.

In order to proceed with such registration, a specific application must be filled in (with the registration court) within 90 days from the date of its formation or the date that the new company has received its trade license or relevant business authorization.

The documents below are required in order to proceed with registering the Czech business:

  1. Memorandum of association/founding deed;
  2. Consent of the owner of the property where the official seat of the company is to be registered, together with the relevant land registry certificate;
  3. Declaration of the contributions administrator evidencing payment of the contributions of founders;
  4. An original record of the founders’ registration in the Commercial Register;
  5. A sworn affidavit, executed by the company’s executive, stating that all legal procedures have been followed;
  6. A Specimen signature of members of the company’s statutory body;
  7. A clear criminal record certificate (police statement) of the company’s statutory body; and
  8. Any additional documentation that may be required depending on the case in question.

Czech Republic requires most of the signatures in the above documents to be notarized by a certified notary.

Choice (b) – Ready-made Company

A ready-made company is a company that was incorporated with the sole purpose of being sold to another.

It is considered by cross boarder businesses as being one of the easiest ways to start your own business in Czech Republic without require travelling to the location.

For this choice, upon any client’s request, we offer our clients with a list of ready-made companies in order for them to make their choice accordingly.

The services we provide for such companies are:

  1. Change of name of the company or its number of directors/shareholders;
  2. Private telephone number with a telephone assistant per year;
  3. VAT registration (provided a business plan is submitted to us and fill the relevant form for Financial Authority);
  4. Opening of bank accounts;
  5. Accounting services; and
  6. Data box administration, including translation of into English.

In the event a client is interested in using this option, they will be required to complete corresponding documents which are required in order to proceed with registering the corporate vehicle in the register. Czech Republic requires most of the signatures in such documents to be notarized by a certified notary.


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