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Invest in France:

France is the fifth largest economy in the world with a level of incoming investment reaching $48 billion per year over the last decade. (Source: United Nations of Trade and Development)  Why do so many companies choose France?

Paris, London and New York are the three most important cities in the world for international business. In fact, 31 of the Fortune 500 companies are based in France, and if Paris were a country it would have the 17th largest economy in the world. The home of the Eiffel tower is also the gateway to Europe and its 742 million consumers.

France-jurisdiction-olieserveFrance knows that the best way to stimulate its economy is by investing in start-ups and small companies. For this reason, France has some of the most generous tax credit schemes and government subsidies in Europe, making it the ideal place for start-ups and small companies to invest. These include: the CIR tax credit for R&D which is worth 30% of revenue up to 200 million euros and 5% of any amount above that, the JEI tax exoneration initiative for new innovative companies, and the CIPC tax credit which helps to offset the cost of international development.

These generous tax credits, coupled with a highly skilled and educated work force, make France particularly attractive for innovative companies, with spending on R&D now accounting for roughly 2.26% of GDP, among the highest in the world.

The innovative culture is a major attraction for foreign investors who are tapping into the vast numbers of professional researchers (a ratio of roughly 8 researchers per 1000 members of the labour force, ahead of Germany and the UK), leading to a considerable increase in the number of researchers working in the private sector.

Another attractive aspect is its broad range of sectors including engineering, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, chemicals, industrial production, fashion, tourism and finance. There is a wealth of opportunities for foreign companies in these areas.

France is a great choice for the young, modern, full of ideas entrepreneurs who wish to make a statement by registering or incorporating a company in this prestigious jurisdiction. If you believe this jurisdiction is for you to incorporate your start-up, feel free to contact us and get more information.