Why to obtain a second passport?

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A second passport

Today’s world as we often hear is becoming a much smaller place. But it is also a place where things can change very quickly. Politics, economics, religion and war are common topics on all news channels, and in many countries around the world people’s lives have been turned upside down because of them. One thing you can do to help protect yourself against such events is obtain a second passport. Of course, we mean by strictly legal methods, and this should be done in advance, as the saying goes “it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it”. Below we would like to highlight 5 good reasons for having a second passport.

More opportunities (open doors)

Having a second passport opens otherwise closed doors, this leads to more opportunities. For business it means you can travel, bank, invest in different countries. It also gives you a choice of where you wish to reside or even a change of residency throughout the year, maybe spend summer in a hot country and winter in a cold country or vice versa, which ever suits your style. It is worth noting that these “benefits” are not limited to you, you can pass them on to your family, particularly your children.


Travel costs and ease

Depending on what passport you hold will depend on if and how you obtain travel visas and what travel restrictions you may incur. This is something you may want to think about when selecting, which country to choose for your second passport. For example, it may be easy to obtain some remote Caribbean islands passport, but in reality what good will it serve if it causes you more travel hassle than your original passport?

Reduce foreign risks

Some countries clearly have governments that may upset and even provoke certain nationalities to dislike their citizens. A good example is the USA, just being American in the wrong place at the wrong time can get you in some serious trouble, on the other hand when was the last time you heard of a Norwegian being held hostage? A second passport could potentially get you out of some big trouble.

More control over your future

Governments can quickly change, and policies with them. If they want they can take away your passport and, thus, your ability to travel. Just take a look into the past and you will see a trend that prior to war, political shifts and even genocide there will be restrictions on travel and the rights of the local citizens. This can be avoided or at least reduced and slowed by simply holding a second Passport.

More rights

If things do go wrong in the kind of scenario mentioned above, and you do need to get out, it is likely there will be a large number of people trying to escape. You could be one in the thousands of “lucky” ones to get away only to be placed in some kind of holding camp living off of handouts. But by holding a second passport you will have a second home where you have the right to work and vote, and live. Nobody wants to be a refugee; with a little preemptive thinking you can sleep well in the knowledge you will never have to face such a terrible fate.

The conclusion

Now is the time to act. Yes, some of the above may seem like it will never happen to you, but go back six years and the people of Syria would be saying the same. Go back to 2007 before the economic crisis and speak to Greek and Spanish. Look now at what is going on in Ukraine. Unfortunately, reality is that we do not control our governments, rather they control us. Reduce their control and take a second passport, give yourself, your family and your children the most precious of gifts, the gift of FREEDOM.