OLIESERVE team and friends on the Limassol Marathon 2016

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Limassol Marathon 2016 - OLIESERVE

The OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO, accredited by as AIMS, took place on the 10th of April 2016 in Cyprus. OLIESERVE team and friends took part in the corporate race (5 km) for the third year in a row.

Every year, hundreds of people of different ages and nationalities come together to support those who need help. Charity is the main goal of the Marathon. We are glad to be a part of this wonderful event!

This year we organized campaign in support for the dogs, with the purpose to raise money for the Dog Valley Rescue Centre. During the campaign period, we had managed to collect money that we are going to donate. We want to say thank you to each participant who registered in our team!

Corporate Social Responsibility plays a very important role in the lives of OLIESERVE staff. We do care about nature and animals. Such events give a good opportunity to raise team’s spirit, and strengthen relationships within the collective. We know that even though our contribution to the dogs’ shelter was not so substantial in terms of money, we are still happy to be able to help the animals that are in need for food and home, and raise awareness to such a problem.

Join our team next year, strengthen your health, get fit and do good!