Perfect business conditions with DMCC!

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Free Trade Zones in the UAE are modern standards of success

Only action causes results, and this rule is perfectly demonstrated by the United Arab Emirates. It is a rich country with a large stock of oil that does not live off the feedstock. The UAE actively develops the economic system attracting more and more entrepreneurs to come to the Emirates to establish new businesses. The country is considered to have outstanding tendencies and modern approach to the governmental development, thus, there has been created Free Trade Zones (FTZ).

There are 20 FTZs in Dubai and each of them has special features, which meet various requirements of definite business spheres.

Advantages of DMCC

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is one of the most successful free zone that was created by the government of Dubai in 2002 in order to provide market, financial and physical infrastructure. As a result, DMCC has become the biggest FTZ in the United Arab Emirates for 13 years of successful functioning. Nowadays, it estimates more than 10 000 companies registered under its license.

DMCC is located in one of the most spectacular parts of Dubai in the district of skyscrapers. There are several factors making DMCC a unique place, which is perfect for both living and business: economically advantageous location, high level service, developed infrastructure, simplified process of company registration and administration.

After business relocation and establishment of your own enterprise in DMCC, you will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages available in this Free Trade Zone including the following aspects:

1. No income tax ;
2. No export and import levy;
3. No imposition of tax;
4. 100% opportunity to withdraw assets and profit ;
5. Foreigners can own a company;
6. Permission to do business on the territory of the UAE;
7. Permission to open bank accounts in the banks of the UAE;
8. Permission to obtain business and residential visas, etc.

Having analyzed all the advantages, we came to the conclusion that DMCC is one of the best options for business move and establishment of a prosperous company in Dubai.

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