President of Cyprus about sanctions against Russia

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May 6 in Berlin, President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, expressed his opinion on sanctions against Russia. He said that the EU should allow each Member to make its own choice in this matter.

Answering journalists’ questions about the approach of the Cypriot leadership to the possibility of imposing economic sanctions against Russia, Anastasiadis said: “EU should give the freedom of choice of each country-member, without neglecting the EU policies, such measures, which do not lead to a situation that complicates the economy of their countries”. He added that “this does not mean that we should not consider any sanctions, only if this is necessary. Simply, it should be cautious measures taken by each EU member state individually”.

Angela Merkel after meeting Anastasiadis said that the EU should take unified position toward Russia. “It is important that all EU member states turned to Russia with the same message,” – said the head of government of Germany. However, she acknowledged differences between economic interests of each country, in particular, that “the individual EU countries dependent on the export of gas from Russia in different ways”. However, according to Angela Merkel, “the European Union will remain operational”.

Source: ITAR -TASS