Profitable investment in Dubai

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Profitable investment in Dubai

Nowadays Dubai is considered to possess great investment prospects. Meanwhile, the whole situation is rarely recreated and only definite projects are outlined, such as business options, financial tools or real estate.

Let’s figure out what investment opportunities Dubai renders.

Having relatively divided the investment opportunities into active and passive, we will manage to cover the whole scope of advantages of Dubai.

Active investment options for your business

Speaking about active investment, we mean the investment in various types of business. Apparently, there is a huge choice of start-up directions as far as Dubai is an actively developing and rapidly growing megalopolis. The fact that the UAE does not impose taxes on enterprises and creates a recruiting system tolerate to foreign employees makes an ideal combination of price and quality.

The opportunity to open business on basis of existing company should be also referred to active investments.

Passive investment opportunities

As for the passive investments, there are different options of investment in security papers, precious metal, property and other spheres. Each of these groups has its strong advantages along with factors to be considered for successful investment.

It is necessary to identify goals and strategy before a tool of passive investment is used.

For example, acquisition of property in Dubai can become a profitable investment, but its preferable period is several years. Income received from property also can be generated into profit from price increase and rent. Nowadays, the annual equated interest of profit is 5-7%, and income from price increase and rent is tax-exempt.

Another profitable tool of investment for permanent residents of Dubai possessing the status of tax residents is investment in security papers in the UAE and abroad. There is no tax on income received from investment in security papers at all.

The last tool on the list (but not the least efficient) is investment in precious metals and stones. Similar to previous options, there is no tax imposed on acts of purchase and sale of precious metals and stones.

Obviously, there are many opportunities for both active and passive investment in Dubai. This emirate attracts more and more international investors each year offering not only profitable and secure investment options but also brilliant living conditions.

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