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Registration Certificates (yellow slips) of EU Citizens

When an EU citizen arrives in Cyprus and plans to stay for more than 3 months, they are required by law to register at the Immigration Department of the town they are residing. The registration is done purely for statistical purposes.

The applicant needs to have a secured paid job in Cyprus, be self-employed, be a student or have identifiable means of living the country without working.

Description of Successful Applicant – who should apply?

  •  EU Citizens including their close family members / dependents who are also EU citizens
  •  Non EU Citizen who is married with an EU citizen 

Duration of certificate

The registration certificate is for life and does not need to be renewed.

How long does it take to be issued?

The yellow slip can be issued within a couple of days from the date of application.

Иммиграционные разрешения на Кипре:

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  • Карта резидента для не гражданина ЕС, который женат/замужем за гражданином ЕС — Просмотр
  • Временный вид на жительство — Пинк Слип Просмотр
  • Разрешение для супругов/родственников граждан Кипра — Пинк Слип Просмотр
  • Разрешение на работу (не граждане ЕС) — Просмотр
  • Регистрация Кипрских компаний с иностранным участием — Просмотр
  • Долгосрочный Вид на жительство — Категория Е Просмотр
  • Долгосрочный Вид на жительство — Категория Ф Просмотр
  • Получение Гражданства — Просмотр