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  • Book-keeping Services

    • Nowadays, almost all jurisdictions require companies to keep book-keeping records of its activities, even so called offshores. All the reputable jurisdictions, however, require not only the book-keeping to be done, but also the financial statements (either audited or unaudited) to be prepared in accordance to special standards. If you do not have time or necessary accounting knowledge for proper record keeping, you should consider outsourcing this function to a specializing firm. You also have an option to keep the book-keeping records yourself, as tidy as possible, and forward them for accounting at a later stage, which can save you a penny. OLIESERVE can offer you both options. We specialize in the accounting in accordance toIFRS, SFRS and HKFRS. We can also offer you translation of your accounts from one standard to another, including Russian Financial Reporting Standards.
  • VAT and VIES Reporting Services

    • Once a company is registered with theVAT authorities it is required to report on quarterly basis, i.e. submit its accounting records to the VAT authorities for inspection, and also pay the collected VAT (if applicable). VIES reporting is done on a monthly basis, only on sales to EU countries. OLIESERVE can offer our clients either the full package of VAT and VIES reports preparation and reporting, or just the reporting service, should you wish to handle the book-keeping personally.
  • Payroll Services

    • Active companies with employees may require registration with theSocial Insurance and individual registration of its employees with the Social Insurance and Inland Revenue Department. PAYROLL is the calculation of the contributions from employee’s salaries done by both the employer and the employee. Such calculations need to be done on monthly basis and reported to the relevant bodies. OLIESERVE can offer you both monthly calculations of salaries, and their reporting.

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