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Company Incorporation

OLIESERVE can assist you in company incorporation, company formation and company registration. We can help to form all types of legal entities including Limited companies. We operate in a variety of jurisdictions such as: Cyprus, UK, DubaiHong KongSingapore, China, Japan, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Malta, Belize, BVI, Seychelles, Commonwealth of Dominica, Panama, Ras al-KhaimahCzech Republic, and many more.

  • Nominee Services

    • One may require nominee directorship or shareholding services. The reasons for this could be anything from confidentiality to efficiency of tax planning. OLIESERVE provides a variety of nominee services from corporate nominees, to individual international nominees. We also prepare indemnity agreements to cover your rights. However, please be aware that regardless of the existence of such agreements, no country in the world officially acknowledges the term ‘nominee’. Thus, any director that is stated in the company documents is considered as the real director by the authorities of that country where the company incorporation took place. If you chose to use the ‘mass’ nominee director, i.e a nominee that represents multiple companies, you should note that although you have no control over those other companies; should they be involved in suspicious or illegal activities which culminate in any kind of legal case, you and your company will attract the unnecessary attention of the authorities as an associated company, having the same director. This circumstance creates undeniable responsibilities for the nominee director. The director is the one who is legally liable for all the company activities. Therefore, he should be fully aware of such. If you choose to use the nominee services, please be prepared to provide full information on the company activities on daily basis. The nominee director may require including him as the addition signatory on your bank account.
  • Secretarial

    • The corporate secretary should have a strong business knowledge and is the one who is legally obliged to make sure that the company follows all the procedures and regulations established in the jurisdiction. It is important not to underestimate the role of the secretary in your company, especially if you are not physically present in the jurisdiction of your company. The laws and regulations are frequently changing in the present world, and it is vital to always be up-to-date with them. Otherwise, there is a high risk of suffering high penalties and fines, and even court summons in some jurisdictions. It is mandatory in some jurisdictions to have an appointment of a corporate secretary for legal bodies. Others leave this choice up to you. OLIESERVE recommends appointing a secretary either way. We can offer you either the standard secretarial service, with appointment of our secretary, or consult you on secretarial matters on a monthly basis, should you wish to keep your own secretary.
  •  Registered Office and Virtual Offices

    • A registered offices required in the majority of jurisdictions. It is the address where all the company documents and records are kept, available for inspections by authorities at any time. It is also the address to which all the official mail is sent, e.g. tax forms and enquiries, etc. Virtual office is an extra service, which is not mandatory for most jurisdictions. However, vital for efficient tax planning. The address where your virtual office is located is the place of your company’s management and control, for most, simple cases. If the country of your actual residence or the jurisdiction of your company uses the principle of ‘management and control’ in identifying the tax residency, i.e. the place where you pay taxes, it might be a good idea for you to consider using the virtual office service for your business. OLIESERVE can offer you registered office services in all the available for incorporation jurisdictions, as well the various types of virtual office services (from simple telephone line, to actual work desk, available for your use).
  • Mailing service

    • Mail addresses not a mandatory service in most jurisdictions. Nevertheless, one may choose to consider using this service for tax benefits, confidentiality purposes, or simply by choosing to outsource filing. OLIESERVE provides mailing services for its customers, which include receiving, scanning, emailing and safe filing of your mail, available for your collection at any time.

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