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Office Rental (Only for Cyprus)

When deciding to move to a different country it is not always easy to orient yourself in a new market on your own. If you are a non-Cyprus resident and you are planning to expand your business to Cyprus, or establish a completely new business here, it would be a good idea to do property market research by using an independent company with the local exposure. It will not be easy to find an independent local company here, since almost everyone is related in Cyprus. However, you should at least try to obtain a number of opinions before choosing the property. Now the property prices are decreasing and you can find a variety of options at bargain prices. OLIESERVE can assist you with both the general market research, as well as finding the ideal property for your needs. In the case that you are considering moving your whole business to Cyprus, this still involves office rental, thus, do not hesitate to consult with us regarding both services. We can do both for you at once!