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Payments with foreign exchange

In the modern world both corporate and private investors may experience commercial need for regular or once off foreign currency wire transfers. For a corporate client the need in foreign exchange transfer may arise directly from core business activities, such us import and export of goods, international transportation/shipping services, investments in foreign securities or real estate, or indirectly from operating expenses, including payment of royalties, salaries of the personnel/crew, rent of the offices, machinery, buildings. Private investor may need to pay in foreign currency for a purchase of real estate, luxury item, provision of medical or educational services. In the past international banks were the sole providers of foreign exchange services when accommodating corporate and private clientele commercial needs. At present foreign exchange services are also provided by regulated payment institutions specializing in foreign exchange. Having obtained necessary licenses and expertise these payment institutions offer competitive foreign exchange rates with 0 commission, minimum payment charges and the client benefits from considerable reduction of overall costs related to foreign exchange payments.

For some large corporate businesses currency risks arising from fluctuation of foreign exchange prices require daily monitoring and pose substantial risk to business profits and levels of operating expenses. Specializing in foreign exchange payment institutions offer a wide range of hedging instruments that can be easily customized to suit customer risk needs and cost requirements. Hedging solutions aim to provide business with necessary level of control over the currency risks, eliminating uncertainty and need of daily economic data analysis and allowing the management to focus on business development.

Please contact our offices for further information on the ways to reduce foreign exchange costs and currency risk hedging solutions available to your business.