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Immigration, the world is your oyster

As the world becomes a smaller place, immigration is something that is not only open to the wealthy but can be achieved by almost anyone. Now with countries grouping together and borders fading into the feudal medieval past, if you were to walk into any city in the world, you are bound to find a mixing pot of cultures and customs. Many people in these cities will hold dual citizenship allowing them the freedoms of both counties. People choose residency in foreign countries for a wide variety of reasons; whether it be for work, lifestyle, healthcare or education or even just a fresh start with a change of scenery. As the great 16th century playwright William Shakespeare wrote “the world is your oyster”, all you have to do is make the choice.

Brief history of Cyprus

Cyprus ranks very high on immigration, regardless to whether it’s short or long term residency or full blown citizenship. Cyprus has always through the ages been a very multicultural country. This is mainly due to its great geographic location, as it sits on a perfect cross road between the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe and acts as a splendid stepping stone into the awesome Mediterranean sea, which it is the third largest island in.  Another contributing fact of its diversity is that throughout the ages it has also had many rulers, which gives some indication of its significance. Most of the greatest civilizations of history have always strived to make Cyprus their own such as the Egyptians, Venetian, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and even the English. The impact of such variety can still be seen today and not only in the ancient ruins but in the lifestyle and even in the faces of the local residence.

Reasons to Emigrate to Cyprus

Today the reasons for immigration to Cyprus have not changed much, but most people don’t choose residency in Cyprus for one reason alone, but for the shear amount of opportunities it has to offer. It has amongst the lowest crime rates in Europe and its outdoor lifestyle makes for a perfect environment to raise children. Many of the islands children are able to speak 3 languages and as they have a great education system they have an enormous amount of doors open to them in later life. You would be very wrong to think of Cyprus as a little sleepy Mediterranean island. On the contrary, the cities of Cyprus can easily stand and be counted amongst the cities of Europe, with very strong financial markets and stable democratic politics. The close ties it shares with the 3 continents it is ideal for doing business or staring a business. You can forget about those horrible commutes in loads of traffic with grey skies above. In Cyprus you can live in a beautiful house 20 km outside of the central business area and it would probably take you less than 15 minutes along a nice mountain or coastal road with the sun shining down on you to get to work. Salaries comparable to the rest of Europe but costs a lot less combined with the more favorable tax system, you are sure to have more to spend at the weekend, of which there is no end of things to do. Regardless of your taste you will never be bored here. Outdoor sporting activities, especially those on the sea are in abundance. There are also no shortage of museums, exhibitions, historical architecture and sites if you like that sort of thing. If you are the more outgoing night life kind of person you will find great bars, clubs and restaurants, or should you be the more tranquil nature type, there are of course the obvious beaches and seas but also magnificent mountains and pine forests to go walking in which in the winter are full of snow. Cyprus really has it all, and this is probably why the residents of Cyprus are so relaxed.

We are here to help

Cyprus offers various types of residency and two ways to gain citizenship, of which the criteria compared to most European countries is very simple and straight forward. With the recent global economic issues the Cypriot Government has recently lowered the criteria even further, so there really couldn’t be a better time to make the move and become a resident of Cyprus either as a temporary resident or a full-fledged citizen. We at OLIESERVE are here to make it even easier. We have a dedicated immigration department to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We will deal for the most part with all the governmental meetings and paperwork asking you to attend only when essential. Our aim is to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. We also have a legal team to help with any matters that may arise before, during and even after your transition to becoming a resident here on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

If you are planning to move or are just thinking about it and would like some advice and or assistance, get in contact with us today. Our contact details can be found on our contact page which include email, phone numbers and Skype, or feel free to come by our office and meet the team. We can be found very easily in the heart of the old town in Limassol.

Immigration Questionnaire


Immigration Permit types:

  • Registration of an EU citizen and his/hers family members that are also EU citizens – View
  • Residence card of a non – EU citizen who is married with an EU citizen – View
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  • Permits for the spouse/relatives of CY citizens (pink slips) – View
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  • Registration of Cyprus companies with foreign affairs – View
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