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CATEGORY E is a type of permanent residence in the territory of Cyprus with the right to its holders to work in one of the declared companies (shareholder must be a non-resident of Cyprus).

Successful candidate / who should apply

  • A direct business owner in Cyprus / potential employer for local population;
  • A manager should be a highly skilled worker in a foreign company in Cyprus who is not representing the real competition for local unemployed population (having a highly skilled, unique experience and value to the Employer that needs to be proved).

Validity of the permit

This category is issued once only for a period of which the applicant intends to be employed in a company (does not need to be renewed every 1-2 years and go through the entire procedure again, as in the case of a work permit).

How long does it take to get the permit?

It takes from 6 to 12 months (depending on the complexity of the case and work load in the immigration to review petitions for Category E).

For how long can the holder of Category Е be away from Cyprus?

If the holder stays out of Cyprus for 2 years, then the permit is immediately cancelled.

Criteria for expedition (2 months)

  • The applicant must buy a property in Cyprus of a minimum value of EUR 300,000, excluding VAT;
  • The applicant must deposit a minimum of EUR 30,000 in a Cyprus bank account in a fixed deposit account for a period of 3 years;
  • The applicant must show a deposit in a Cyprus bank account of a minimum EUR 30,000 plus EUR 5,000 for each dependent.

*Only by adhering to all 3 of the above criteria will ensure the passage of the case on an accelerated path. 

Immigration Questionnaire


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