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Category F is a type of permanent residence for Cyprus. It gives the right to its holder to live in Cyprus on a permanent basis but does not allow the holders to work. The permanent residence permit is applicable only to third country nationals.

Successful candidate / who should apply

  • Persons who wish to relocate to Cyprus with their families or on their own
  • Business people who wish to relocate with their families and also invest in the country
  • Persons who wish to live in the country on a long term basis and avoid the hassle of renewing their visa
  • Senior people who have retired and wish to relocate to Cyprus
  • People who wish to relocate to Cyprus and intend to apply for citizenship

Validity of the permit

Once the permit has been granted, its holders are allowed to live in Cyprus for life. Renewal is needed only once after 5 years.

How long does it take to get the permit?

If the fast track option is followed, the permit will be granted within 2 months from the date of application. If the standard procedure is followed, then the permit will be granted within 6 – 8 months from the date of application.

For how long can the holder of Category F be away from Cyprus?

If the holder stays out of Cyprus for 2 years, then the permit is immediately cancelled.

Criteria for expedition (2 months)

  • The applicant must buy a property in Cyprus of a minimum value of EUR 300,000, excluding VAT;
  • The applicant must deposit a minimum of EUR 30,000 in a Cyprus bank account in a fixed deposit account for a period of 3 years;
  • The applicant must show a deposit in a Cyprus bank account of a minimum EUR 30,000 plus EUR 5,000 for each dependent.

*Only by adhering to all 3 of the above criteria will ensure the passage of the case on an accelerated path. 

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