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Temporary Residence Permits or “Pink Slips”

Temporary Residence Permits or “Pink Slips” as they are unofficially called are the perfect solution for the persons who want to extend their stay in Cyprus for more than 3 months (90 days). This type of residence permit is valid for 1 year and can be renewed on an annual basis. Under this permit, it is possible for a person to live in Cyprus on a temporary basis and also bring his / her close family members to live with him/her.

In order to be eligible for this type of permit, the applicant will firstly need to show that he/she has adequate income from abroad to cover his/hers living expenses whilst staying in the country without the need to find employment. Secondly, the applicant will need to have appropriate accommodation. It is possible for non EU nationals to either rent or own property in the country. It is important to note that if the holder of a Temporary Residence Permit stays outside the country for a period of more than 3 months, the permit is automatically cancelled and the permit holder will need to apply again.

Immigration Permit types:

  • Registration of an EU citizen and his/hers family members that are also EU citizens – View
  • Residence card of a non – EU citizen who is married with an EU citizen – View
  • Temporary Residence permit (pink slips) – View
  • Permits for the spouse/relatives of CY citizens (pink slips) – View
  • Employment Permits (non – EU nationals) – View
  • Registration of Cyprus companies with foreign affairs – View
  • Long Term Residence Permits (Category E) – View
  • Long Term Residence Permits (Category F) – View
  • Citizenships – by naturalization or by exception – View



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