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When it comes to investing the world is your oyster, the choices are endless; however it is that abundant amount of choice that can make investing feel like walking through a mine field. We will attempt to break the  world of investments down into more bite size categories and along the way maybe remove or simplify some of the language used.

The risks

To start, we should categorise investments by risk, very simply how much chance is there of losing your money in this investment. Of course there is no such thing as 100% risk free, but in some investments you may be able to get close to it which we would call a “low risk investment.” Usually, “low risk” means high possibility of long term return. While, as “high risk” means not so high possibility of a short term return. You may ask yourself why anyone would choose to invest their money in something you tell them is high risk, well just look at any casino, everybody knows that you may lose your money but you could also walk out very rich in a very short period of time, and the same can be said for high risk investment normally the greater the risk the greater the pay off.

The time

The next category we should look at is the time scale of the investment, short term and long term.

This is usually chosen by you and based on how long you wish to have your money tied up for. These are very general terms and there may be sub categories, or even varying degrees for example, if you have a long term investment you may have a variety of options on when you can withdraw your capital (monies). Some investments may give you set options on how long you will leave your money invested when you sign up, and may even penalize should you withdraw early. Therefore, it is important for you to think carefully of your time strategy on investment. If you choose an investment from a long term category, you will only be able to obtain the best return by keeping your investment for a long term. If you choose to withdraw your funds earlier, you might as well loose them.

The amount

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest. Regardless to how much money you have to play with there are investment opportunities out there, if you know where to look. What one person would consider a large investment another may see as small, so we at OLIESERVE try to categories the amounts into low, medium and high. Low amounts can start from as little as 200 USD up to 100,000 USD, medium is anything from 100,000USD up to 1million USD and over 1 million USD is considered a high amount.

The right advice

OLIESERVE is here to guide you in the right direction, we do not make the decision for you but lean on our experience and knowledge of the global markets to find the investment that best suits your needs based on the information you provide us, so there are some things you should have in mind when you contact us, what amount of risk are you comfortable to take, what time scale are you looking to invest over, how much do you have to invest, what is your personal skill level regarding the investment. Something else that we may ask is what do you hope to achieve from the investment? Of course there will be some type of financial gain but it may also be for other things such as stability taxation purposes, immigration purposes or even access to certain banks or bank accounts.

Types of investments

Again there are a huge variety of options when it actually comes to what to put your money into, so what we at OLIESERVE have tried to do here is to group your options under 3 main categories.

  1. INVESTMENT FUNDS, is a way of investing money alongside other investors in order to benefit from the inherent advantages of working as part of a group. This type of investment is normally for low to medium size funds. You will need a broker who will open you an account which can be “managed” or “privately run.” We can suggest two investment funds – SOUTH-EAST EUROPE FUND and FIXED INCOME FUND
  2. BANK ACCOUNTS, this can be with high end private banks or with high interest savings accounts. OLIESERVE can help with banks across the globe and with some of the biggest names in banking such as Standard Chartered, Bank of Singapore, City Bank, HSBC and many more. This is normally dealing with medium to high investment amounts and can be considered low risk, with a medium to long term time frame. We offer our clients PRIVATE BANKING and BANK DEPOSIT options.
  3. REAL ESTATE, this group covers a larger amount of investment opportunities such as; purchase of land, commercial and or residential property, commercial projects and infrastructure projects. They are medium to high amounts with mid to long term time frames in mind and depending on the particulars are generally towards the lower end of the risk scale. At the moment we offer real estate projects in DUBAI and CYPRUS.

We at OLIESERVE are able to help in various jurisdictions such as the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Czech Republic, Cyprus and many more. At this time Cyprus has some really great bargains with property prices at their lowest for 7 years however as the market starts to pick up, so too will the prices, so be sure to be quick if you want to grab the best bargains. Whatever you decide on your investment plan, make sure you do not put all your eggs in one basket.