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Intellectual Property

IP is essentially any man-made invention that all of its ownership rights are held by its creator. Intellectual Property Law (IP Law) refers to the law that has as its core focus the protection against further use and exploitation of intellectual property.  IP Law regulates the creation, use and exploitation of mental or creative labor.

Intellectual-propertyWe consider each creation to be the prized possession of its creator, and in collaboration with our legal associates, we are fully capable to provide you with a full package of necessary guidance and expert advice, so as to ensure any of your creations are solely used by you or by anyone that receives your approval.

It is important to note that ever since the Republic of Cyprus became a member of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), an entity whether legal or physical can now register for the issue of a certificate that would protect an Industrial Design or Trademark in all EU member states.

We can assist our clients to register and/or protect their Intellectual Properties through: 

  1. Trademark Protection;
  2. Patent Protection;
  3. Copyright Protection;
  4. Protection of Industrial Designs; and
  5. Trade Names.

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World Intellectual Property Convention (1968) indicates the below as falling within the definition of Intellectual Property:

  1. Inventions in all fields of human creation (Patents);
  2. Trade marks, commercial names and service marks and designations (Trade Marks);
  3. Literary, artistic and scientific works (Copyright);
  4. Protection against unfair competition;
  5. Scientific discoveries (Patents);
  6. Performances of performing artists, phonograms and broadcasts (Copyright);
  7. Industrial Designs protection; and any other rights that are the result of intellectual activity whether scientific, literary or artistic fields.

The Republic of Cyprus became a member to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as well as other international Intellectual Property conventions worldwide such as but not limited to:

  • The Convention which establishes the World Intellectual Property Organization [Ratifying Law 36/1984].
  • European Agreement concerning Program Exchanges by Means of Television films [Ratifying Law 83/1969]
  • European Agreement for the Prevention of Broadcasts Transmitted from Stations Outside National Territories [Ratifying Law, 36/1971]
  • The WIPO Copyright Treaty [Ratifying Law 23(III)/2002].
  • The WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty [Ratifying Law 37(III)/2004]
  • The Nairobi Treaty for the Protection of the Olympic Symbol [Ratifying Law 9/1985].

We can provide our clients full assistance with:

  • Registration and renewal of trademarks (including European Trademark Office);
  • Patents (National, European and International);
  • Trademark Appeals, cancellations and tampering protection;
  • IP Rights Estimates divestitures, acquisitions or digestion;
  • Research and exams;
  • Monitoring and Trademark violations;
  • Arbitration and mitigations;
  • Actions for other IP rights, and
  • Advice for licensing and usage rights.

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