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As a result of Cyprus being a British colony up until the late 1960s, the legal system of the island is founded on UK law, amended in a manner to match the requirements of the Republic of Cyprus as it is today and in compliance to the European Union Law Directives.

Our mission is to protect the interests of our clients by the use of legal representation before all courts and tribunals in the Republic of Cyprus. Our legal associates will provide you with the specialized legal services you require in strict confidence and discretion regardless whether they are acting for the defendant or for the claimant.


Each client differentiates and this also applies to their case and business related matters. Our legal associates will dedicate all the necessary time and effort in order to understand the objectives of each client and thereby provide clear and practical advice and action in many fields such as but not limited to corporate, commercial, and competition disputes, breach of contracts, recognition of foreign judgments, intellectual property matters, real estate disputes, divorce and alimony matters, and much more.

We are dedicated in providing you full legal services and support in general areas and commercial law litigation and we take pride in providing our clients all the necessary legal assistance timely and effectively.

Legal Services: