The future of Facebook social network on the territory of Russia

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FacebookState Duma rescheduled implementation of the amendments on keeping personal information of Russian citizens on servers, located on the territory of Russian Federation from the January 1, 2015 to September 1. The implemented amendments to the law “On personal information” stirred up practically everyone!

Since the 1st of September “The law on personal data” was implemented. This was reported by the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications. This law aims at processing and keeping all “personal data” of Russians only on Russian servers, allegedly to prevent the misuse of personal data.

But now it`s really easy to ascertain Your identity, places Your visit and Your location. Our gadgets are equipped not just by navigators, but a variety of applications, which we enable to use all data from the device (identification of location, photo, video etc). These applications also include not just social networks, but also programs, e.g. related to phone and auto keys, or tracking systems, which are often installed on kids` gadgets. It`s convenient on the one hand but may be dangerous on the other.

Although Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications excludes the possibility of Facebook blocking because of the “Law on personal data” in 2015, but organizations still note that legislative base for Facebook, Twitterand Google already exists. This was reported by the Head of Press Service of Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications Vadim Ampelonski on the 28th of August. Large corporations didn`t determine any actions on data transfer. They consider it`s not just inconvenient but improper from the point of view of economy. The chief executive of public policy in this region Thomas Mirus said that social network account is not a personal data.

However, on September 1 other information began to emerge. According to mass media,  Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications on its Facebook page (due to some rumors, on its official site), reported that social network representatives didn`t say such things and they did not refuse to make steps on moving servers to the country. But there is no such information on both the official Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications site and their Facebook page.

The agency posted the list of 300 companies, which will be analyzed during one year. Social network Facebook won`t be inspected concerning compliance with the law, as it is not included in the list of planned companies.

The law “On personal information” as such calls for closing down of all sites that do not keep personal data in Russia, but the requirements for keeping personal data are not described. The meaning of “personal data” is not exactly identified. So why do we need such law if tickets salesmen do not have to save information on Russian servers? After all, this is the place where there is our personal data with passports, names and addresses!

We would love to remind you that the first nameable weird initiative of the Agency was the ban of Australian social commercial «DumbWaystoDie», aiming at informing that it`s necessary to be careful and aware not just in subway, but in everyday life. But the Agencychanged the meaning and put everything upside down:

“The lyrics of the song contain the description of various suicide methods, e.g.: use the old medicine, stand on the verge of platform, run through the rails between the platforms, eat a tube of glue, etc. Animated heroes show the described ways of suicide in the attractive way for kids and teenagers. Such lines as “To hide in clothes dryer” or “I wonder what is this red button for?”contain an appeal for an action”.

Recently, April 24, 2015, Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications demanded to ban the article from Wikipedia, making reference to the ban on spreading the information about ways of making narcotic substances on the territory of Russia. In response, the administrators of encyclopedia said that the article refers to the official website of the United Nations and refused to remove it from the site. Since it was impossible to block one article, and local service providers tried to block the entire encyclopediain the morning of August 25. In a week the portal began to operate again.

Why is it necessary to collect all the “personal data” and keep it in one place, for what purpose and who needs it? …

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