The simplicity of opening and managing business in Dubai

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Great news for those who is planning to set up business or already has one in Dubai. As reported by representatives of Dubai Economy Growth Department, the procedure of license update and obtaining was significantly simplified through new services implementation.

Thus, to burnish Dubai credentials as modern business centre as well as simplicity of procedure, new developments were implemented. They are represented by three services: “Special advisor”, “Automatic business renewal” and “Opening a business”.

There is no doubt that implementation of such services will improve not only the quality of managing the existing companies, but also attract businessmen who are willing to carry out their activities in an easier way and have more opportunities.

Let`s consider these services in greater detail and analyze what new do they offer their clients:

  1. “Special advisor”. This service was created for the support of large organizations and business groups, representatives of which     need special background. It aims at providing the clients of Economy Growth Department with services.
  1. “Automatic business renewal” is the service which consists of two elements. First of all, SMS-notification of client (license owner) on its expiration time as well as on necessary invoice details for payment of renewal. Secondly, SMS notification of the client in the day license expiry and, correspondingly, necessary invoice details (with the amount) for payment.
  2. “Opening a business”. The peculiar feature of its program is the combination of 3 necessary steps for business opening: arrangement of company charter, primary license and reservation of company`s trade name. It was developed for companies with limited responsibility without the opportunity of further changes after issuing of contract to the client.

Based on abovementioned, we may easily say that Dubai is an excellent place for business opening and managing.

Innovative method and support have a successful impact not only on the image of the emirate, but also on the formation of a new vision of relationship between government departments and businessmen.

If you are interested in setting up Your own business in Dubai and want to take advantage of new services, contact us today!

We are happy to help you!