Obtaining licenses for television and radio broadcasting

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Television and radio are an important part in the cultural and spiritual life of people around the world. Thanks to modern TV equipment, which allows you to quickly prepare reports on current topics from the scene, radio and television programs get better and better every year.


Managing TV or radio channel – it’s not only a great profitable business for its owners, but also the opportunity to share their unique vision of the world with the audience, finding a positive response among viewers/listeners.

Currently existing diversity of broadcasting channels also enables businesses to use a more targeted method of marketing and to attract the attention of your potential customer in a most efficient way.

Competition in the market of television and radio broadcasting in different parts of the world is different. Oddly enough, the country with the largest population does not take the first place in the number of TV channels, but the honorable first place in this list goes to Russia (over 7 300 channels), and only after there are the USA and China. The most “listening” country is the United States (about 9 000 registered FM radio stations), after the United States are Italy and France, and only the fourth place belongs to Russia (1 500 radio stations). China in this list is only on the 23rd place; surprisingly the Philippines, Guatemala and Thailand are even higher in rank than China. Apparently, the Chinese are still more visuals than audials.

Due to the growing trend in migration of people around the world, the least developed segment of the market, but at the same time and the most popular one is broadcasting for expatriates. Modern population is no longer feel bound to the place of birth, and in search of a more comfortable life, greater earnings, better weather conditions, education or health care or for any other important reasons, they choose to immigrate to another country. When moving to a new place, the first thing that people are subconsciously trying to find is a connection with the roots.

Currently, more and more countries they already have targeted broadcasting channels for this segment of the population. However, as such intense migration is just a trend of recent years, the existing channels are still at a fairly primitive level, and they do not meet the high demand of immigrants. Thus, this segment of the market of television and radio broadcasting has still not yet conquered, and will welcome new members who want to take it.

OLIESERVE team prepared for our readers a little review of TV and radio licensing through the Republic of Cyprus, for subsequent worldwide broadcasting in the future.


tv-radioOctober 4, 1953 the first radio has begun broadcasting in Cyprus. At this time the Republic of Cyprus was a British colony and radio broadcasting was presented in Greek, Turkish and English. After 4 years the first Cyprus TV channel has begun its operation. Color TV appeared only in December 1992.

According to section 13(1) of the Radio and Television Stations Law of 1998 (as amended subsequently), the number and coverage of radio stations are determined by the Authority on the basis of the broadcasting scheme prepared by the Director of the Electronic Communications Department of the Ministry of Communications and Works which provides the frequencies, power and location from which the licensed broadcasting bodies for radio and television shall be transmitting.

Radio Licenses

The radio coverage scheme is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic and a period of three weeks is granted for the submission of objections by any person, natural or legal, who alleges that his legitimate interests are affected. There are more than 20 private radio stations on the island.

TV Licenses

The Authority grants licenses for the establishment, installation and operation of media service providers, which is subject to the jurisdiction of the Republic. Licenses for the establishment, installation and operation of media service providers are granted to serve the public interest.

In order to get a license for broadcasting abroad, you have to communicate with the Ministry of Communications and Works in Cyprus, where the Department of Electronic Communications will give you all the necessary licenses for radio spectrum, including satellite communications.

Duration of license:

One year. Every year the Director of the Channel must renew his license.

How long does it take to be issued?

The license can be issued approximately in 4 weeks.


 – EUR 51.400- for each television broadcast on a Cyprus television station

 – EUR 8.534- to examine a license for the establishment, installation and operation of a Cyprus radio stations.


Applications for a license are submitted in ten copies, on fully completed forms, and consist of three parts, where all the applicants must complete the required forms for broadcasting bodies.

The order in which applications are examined is determined on the basis of criteria determined by the Authority.


Firstly, it is needed to obtain 3 types of licenses:

  1. VSAT license from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works. This license costs EURO 110 plus the fees for function, which start form EURO 300 to EURO 100.000. The price may vary depending on the services that the channel will provide and which countries will cover. The application form is available on the website.
  2. OCECPR License, the application for this type of the license is also available on the website.
  3. The third type is the license from Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority. The form that you have to complete is available online.

In order to have the ability for worldwide broadcasting you have to find a Private Company, which has satellites all over the world. This company will provide you with satellite services for the channel. Thus, you can choose the country/es where you want to broadcast TV programs. Having in mind that Europe has ONLY one satellite. To broadcast the programs in other countries other than Europe, you might want to choose another satellite.

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