“Wealth-Pro 2014” Conference

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OLIESERVE team at Bosco Conference – “Wealth-Pro 2014”

At the beginning of December, the Bosco Conference “Wealth-Pro 2014” took place in Warsaw, Poland. Bosco Conference is a leading company in organizing international conferences on tax planning, finance, international investments, corporate solutions, wealth management and asset protection. (For more information visit the official website – http://bosco-conference.com/en/).

warsaw-bosco-conferenceThe OLIESERVE team also joined the conference, the main topic of which was finding new ways and coming up with new solutions for the Polish market and other countries due to the fact that CFC legislation comes into effect in January 2015.

OLIESERVE would like to send their thanks to BOSCO, the organizers, Mr. Wojciech Szczepaniak, the moderator and all of the speakers at this year’s WealthPro 2014 conference. We would also like to send our warmest regards to all the new friends we made, from every corner of the business world.

Our team found it a very informative and educational event, with great opportunities to meet new companies and the people that make them work. The topics covered were relevant and up-to-date with the current changes happening around the world. Definitely plenty of food for thought.

OLIESERVE intends to lead the way regarding solutions to the new CFC legislation, due to come into effect at the beginning of 2015, we are proud to announce we have already launched a new product (Business Move) aimed towards the Russian market and the issues of de-offshorisation.